June 2020 – Pine Changing Table

Dimensions – 37” x 19” x 34.25”

This is a pine changing table I made for a friend who was having a baby. I actually delivered it as she went into labor. Knotty pine is cheaper than clear, and in my opinion, looks better as furniture because it has more character. I had many dark dreams of the table collapsing and hurting this baby so I think I way overbuilt it to be able to hold several hundred pounds. It was at least able to hold my weight. A few months after delivery (in both senses) my friend said it was “the best piece of furniture we have.”

March 2020 – Red Oak Guitar Stand

I have three guitars but only two stands. I decided to make one out of the leftover red oak form the bookshelf below. Finished with Danish Oil. Interestingly, the finish is quite a bit redder under the Danish oil than the polyurethane on the book shelf.

October 2019 – Red Oak Modified Shaker Bookshelf

Dimensions 49” x 11 5/16” x 36”.

This is a bookshelf made of red oak. It is a modification of a Shaker style design I found How to Build Bookcases & Bookshelves. I doubled the length since we had so many extra books, and the pattern at the top on the sides I kind of made up on the fly before taking it to the bandsaw. Sanded to 220 and finished with 2 coats of wipe-on polyurethane. The amber hue of the polyurethane kind of subdues the original red undertones of the oak, but it balances out to a nice, understated iridescent amber finish that feels nice to the touch.