Selling Out.

Many have heard my tirades against the perils of advanced technology, inspired much by a certain math professor now retired in Colorado. I have, from time to time, been vocal in particular about the deleterious effects that social media, and other moderns forms of information distribution, have on cognition, social functioning, personal autonomy, freedom of thought and expression, mental health, and so on.

But, like any good ideologue, I shall never hesitate to set aside my principles at the first opportunity for personal financial gain. Accordingly, I regret to inform you that I have made an Instagram account, to aid in the sales of my artwork.


It is my solemn hope that people – you, even – should take some of these paintings off my hand in exchange for some of Jerome Powell’s freshly conjured greenbacks. The fact is, they are taking up quite a bit of space in our tiny closets. If you don’t like anything you see, I’ve still got you covered. That is, I take commissions. If you are steadfast in your refusal to barter you will find that I remain standing before you, hat clutched diffidently in hand, asking that you (sigh) follow, like, and share.

Now, let us set that unpleasant business aside and take a look at some other things I’ve produced since my last update:

A portrait I painted of Kendra and Evan, some of whom may be known to you. It was supposed to be a wedding gift. It ended up as a three-year anniversary gift.

Kendra and Evan. Oil on Canvas. 18×24. 2020.

Nick Pappadopoulos, master pianist and prep-school chum, recorded one of my piano compositions, The Sea Rises.

I continue to work wood. A poplar TV stand. The design is completely my own, somewhat inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

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